Saturday, October 29, 2011

Character Pumpkins

I can not take credit for this idea but isn't it great?!  I first saw these beauties on the  Clutter Free Classroom (one of my FAVORITE blogs!). 

So I purchased the set and showed it to my absolutely fabulous student teacher.  She is teaching the elements of fiction and wanted to give it a try.  The parents really seemed to like the project and the kids are so proud of what they've accomplished!  I just had to share their work with all of you.  Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Dianne,
    I am so bummed because your blog updates aren't coming through on my blog roll. I am going to unfollow your blog and then sign up again and hope it gets fixed. In the mean time I've added your button to my site so I can find you in an emergency!

    2B Honey Bunch

  2. I don't think it's your blog roll... About a month ago, I decided it would be better for my blog domain name to match my blog name so I changed it. BIG mistake! The snowball affect has been driving me crazy. Not only did I mess up my own blog but apparently others' as well. Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll post about the name change so I don't lose my wonderful followers! Have a great day!

  3. Oh my gosh! Those are so adorable. Great idea!!! Thank you for sharing the work your students did.

    Your 50th follower! :)
    Teaching in Room 6

  4. Thanks so much! 50 followers!!! Time for a giveaway. I joined your blog as well. Thanks so much for your support!