Friday, February 24, 2012

Guinea pig number 3?

Hi Friends! Well, I'm about three weeks into being a guinea pig mom and I already feel super protective about them. Here's what happened...

At Petco, you have 15 days to return a pet if necessary. Well, at about day 8, I noticed a lump in poor Cindy Lou's throat. I waited a few more days, watching it closely and hoping that it would go away.   It didn't (poor little thing!) so on day 12, we took a trip to Petco.

Cindy Lou

Daisy came with us so Cindy Lou wouldn't be so afraid.  Heather (from Petco) took a look at her and said she needed to be seen by the vet.  Heather told me that I could get a phone call after she was evaluated and choose to take her back if I wanted.  I said yes, of course.  She then proceeded to let me know that Petco would not operate on small animals because the success rate was so slim.  They would either put her down or if she wasn't suffering, I could take her home to die comfortably.  What!?!  I couldn't believe what they were saying.  I reaffirmed that I wanted the phone call and wanted to take her home if that was a choice.  Heather said that they would keep her until the vet could see her.  They refunded my money for Cindy Lou.  :(  Daisy, my daughter and I went home with tears in our eyes.  How could we be so attached in just a couple of weeks?! 

Anyway, we decided that Daisy was lonely and we should get another guinea pig so we could start socializing her.  I promised the kids that their class pets would be there the Monday after vacation.  And now, I only had a week to get the new guinea pig ready for second graders.  Off we went and found Lilly.  She's smaller than Daisy but not by much.  She is also much squirmier when being held but she's super cute. 

So my plan became that Daisy and Lilly would go to school and Cindy Lou (if we got her back) would live out her days at home.  Perfect, right? WRONG!  I only had one cage!  What was I thinking?  I couldn't bring Cindy Lou to school and let the kids watch her die.  But I also couldn't buy another whole set up.  The first cage and accessories were from the Pets in the Classroom grant.  I already spent some of my own money, more than I should have but I wanted two piggies.  I can not buy another cage and accessories for a temporary situation.  I couldn't afford it even if I wanted to.  I promised my husband, whom I love dearly but he is just not an animal person, that the guinea pigs would not be a bother.  It's killing me but I had to say to Cindy Lou. :' ( 

And then Petco called...

They were shocked!  The vet diagnosed her with an abscess (sp?).  They lanced it, put her on heavy antibiotics and said she would be just fine in a week or so.  Oh my God!  Please, please tell me that three guinea pigs can fit in this cage?  Heather said, 'No way.'  If I want Cindy Lou back, I would have to pay for her again because she's okay.  I am so torn!  I don't want to return Lilly but I can't accommodate three piggies.  Oh my word...this is so hard!


  1. I have always wanted a guinea pig! They are precious!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is quite the situation!! Maybe you should go back to your original piggies, since Cindy Lou is okay?? But why do you have to pay again?!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. I guess they were okay to let her die with me for free but not live with me for free. They had refunded my money as they were sure she wasn't going to live very long. But now I've already spent that money on Lilly. I love all three of them. They each have their own cute little personality. I'm thinking I might be able to talk my husband into a bigger cage... :)

  4. Dianne,
    You can always make a cage. I posted early in the year about the one I made for my pig and had a link to the website for directions. If you can't find it on my blog let me know. Then I kept my store bought cage at home for when I needed to take someone home for some reason.

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings

  5. Cute blog! Check out my new 2nd grade blog if you get a chance.

  6. Thanks for following me! I'm your newest follower. Love your blog. I need some pointers! :-)


  7. Thanks for following me. So glad to hear that your guinea pig is alright! I was reading your whole story in suspense hoping for a happy ending! I am your newest follower now as well!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  8. Dianne, what ever happened with the pig situation?

  9. Well, my wonderful husband saw how upset I was about the whole thing and he jumped on board with the whole idea. Love him! So I bought a bigger cage, made everything for school with all three guinea pig names, and went to Petco and told them I definitely wanted Cindy Lou back. She wasn't ready to come home yet. I never heard back from Petco. When I inquired two weeks later, they had sold her to someone else!