Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Question

Hi Friends! I have a pinterest question that has been driving me crazy! When I am on my IPad, I am unable to pin things that I find while blog hopping. I have the Pinterest app installed but every time I click on a picture that I want to pin...I just can't do it. Can anyone out there help me? I know there has to be a very simple explanation but I am completely stumped. Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi,
    Do you have the pinterest app for iPads installed or just the regular app for phones??
    Teaching in Paradise

  2. There is a special app for pinning items or you can add the pin it button to your bookmarks in safari and then transfer the bookmarks to your Ipad and it should show up. That's what I did. If you google this topic there should be a video and explanation. I hope this helps.


  3. Thanks so both helped me! Courtney, I did have the wrong app and Mrs. Wills, thank you for explaining the Safari stuff. I am good to go now! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Sorry, mrs. Wells. I spelled your name wrong in the above comment. My apologies!

  5. I awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to accept it!