Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Classroom Reveal...Way Late!

Hi Friends,
    I finally have my classroom photos ready to share.  Thank goodness my classroom was actually ready two weeks ago as I started school on August 28th!  :)  I really enjoyed getting my room ready this year because I found SO many cute things that I purchased or even better, were free.  I'll highlight those items for your shopping pleasure.  ;)

   I'd like to start with my classroom library.  I spent a HUGE portion of my time this summer reorganizing my library.  It has bothered me for quite a few years but it was actually old age that got me motivated.  You see, I've begun purchasing books that I already own.  It happened at least six times just this past year.  So I threw up my hands in disgust and got right to work.  First, I searched for an app that I could use to scan my library.  I chose Book Retriever and I am very happy with it.  The only downfall is that you can not input 'where' a particular book is specifically located in your library.  But none of the apps that I came across had that feature.  So I told my son to build me an app that did...he's a senior in college so I don't expect it anytime soon.  :)

The photo above shows my leveled books section.  We are still using Guided Reading levels but I've heard grumblings about changing to Lexile levels...uggh!

These are my reading baskets which are organized by theme, author, series, etc.
Our bucket filling station
My favorite Pinterest-inspired summer project

The next three photos are featuring Reagan Tunstall's Chalky Classroom Garden Decor pack.  I love the way her alphabet and ten frames really pop off the wall.  The matching table signs make my life much easier as well.  I highly recommend that you check out Reagan's blog.  She is famous author of Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

The picture above is something I made on Vista Print last year but forgot to share... :)

My word wall was purchased from Erica Bohrer.  She has fantastic stuff which is clean and crisp.  I'm not a fan of visual clutter and Erica's products fit me perfectly.

Here are a couple of bulletin boards that are pretty plain right now but will fill up soon.  I wanted to show you the black and lime green color scheme.  I love it!

I finally got my manipulatives labeled...most of them, anyway!

Cuteness for the erasers and pencils, plus my adorable babies! NOTE: Do not be fooled by the air conditioner in the background.  They use my room for summer school and then yank it out right before the new year begins.

Rewards poster that goes with ClassDojo - my favorite behavior management system ever!

I used scrap booking paper and sticker letters to jazz up my iPad containers.

Here are my milk crate seats which now need a makeover to match my color scheme.  The rug came through a Donor's Choose project.

And of course, my classroom would not be complete without the girls.  Daisy and Lilly came to us through a Pets in the Classroom grant.  Best thing I ever did.  These piggies have brought so much to our learning and classroom community.  You can read more about it here.  We love them so much!

Lilly loves her hay!
Daisy loves the camera and being the center of attention!