Saturday, February 15, 2014

Five for Friday

Hi Friends!

We made it through another week.  And not just any week.  It was a snowy, Valentine's, full moon, week before vacation kind of week.  It felt like a great time to join Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky party so here I am.  It's my very first time so I hope I do it justice...

Number 1 - We had yet another snow day.  We are at four so far this year with more snow coming.  Our original finish date was June 13th which was a Friday.  Now we are ending on June 19th.  I really, really, really do NOT want a full week of school for the last week so no more snow days.  In fact, all of my snowman decorations are coming down - because that will totally control the weather.  A girl can hope, right?

Number 2 - We've been celebrating the Olympics at school and completely enjoying them at home.  At school, we've been tracking the medals.  The kiddos get super excited whenever the US moves up in the ranks and so bummed when they slide back down.  It's really cute to see their reactions.  We've been using Katie King's Winter Games freebie all week.  You know, that very talented teacher/blogger from Queen of the First Grade Jungle.  It came just in time for our current math unit which is fractions. It's truly a fantastic freebie so if you don't follow her, please go check out her blog right now!

Number 3 - Here is a small sampling of our Olympic themed read-alouds and trade books.  Everyone (including me!) really enjoyed these books.  We are currently in the middle of the Magic Tree House Hour of the Olympics.  Man, you should've seen the reaction of the girls when they learned that women and girls were NOT allowed to compete or even perform at the Olympics!

Clicking on any of the books above will get you directly to Amazon!

Number 4 - We started blogging again - the class, I mean.  the name of our blog is Pencils, Projects and Pigs.  We started the year off really strong with the blog but then the holidays came and I let it slide.  So now I'm trying to get the kids all pumped up about it again.  I have a few who are truly dedicated so that should help.

Number 5 - This one is extra random.  As my husband was driving to work Thursday morning, he noticed this deer just sitting there in front of our neighbor's porch.  Life has a way of telling us that there is so much to appreciate in our little world.  Isn't she a beauty?  (I had to zoom in quite a bit so it may be hard to tell... :) )


  1. I would say you did a fabulous job on Five for Friday! Thanks for sharing some Winter Olympics titles. That was so helpful. So glad I stopped by.

    The Teaching Twosome

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for the compliment! Your blog is so cute. I love the husband/wife collaboration. I'm a new follower!