Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello...my name is Dianne...and I'm an addict.

Click the image to see Nikki's work.

      A Melonheadz addict!  It's official and I love it!  If you are not familiar with Nikki's work, you simply must click on the image above and check out her site.  She makes the cutest graphics...I just LOVE her style.

     Thanks, Nikki, for sharing your wonderful talent with us.  You are an amazing artist and a wonderful person!

ISTE 2016!

Hi Friends!

    I'm super excited to be attending the ISTE conference once again.  I went for the first time in 2014 when it was in Atlanta, GA.  ISTE is by far the best conference I have ever attended...and the biggest.  Someone told me there were about 20, 000 participants in 2014.  I couldn't believe it but it didn't take long to figure out why it was so popular.

     This year, ISTE (which stands for International Society for Technology in Education) is being held in Denver, CO.  I've never been there but I am very glad the conference is in June.  :)  To make it even better, my district has paid my registration fee this year - yay!  It really can't get any better than that.

    If you are thinking about attending, click on the badge above.  You will be taken to the ISTE site where there's a LOT more information.  It's quite clear how I feel about it, so my recommendation is JUST DO IT!  You will not regret it, I promise.  :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Technology Word Wall

Hello Friends,
    One of the tools that I've been lacking in my classroom is a set of word wall cards that are specific to technology.  Let's face it, most school departments are trying to give us what we need in terms of technology and the students are definitely exposed to technology everywhere they go.  So even though I no longer have my own classroom, I decided it was time to make a set of cards with kid-friendly language and visuals to support their understanding.

Click either image to get to my TpT store.
     The set includes 30 technology based vocabulary cards.  They can be added to your classroom word wall, a separate technology word wall, or even to a literacy center.  I've printed mine on card stock for durability and I wouldn't be able to call myself a teacher if I didn't laminate them as well.  :)

     Have a great day!